Vidya and Durga – A Tale of Two Toughies


kahaani-2-arjun-rampalThere isn’t much of action in Kahaani 2 – Durga Rani Singh, the sequel to Kahaani. But what happens from scene 1 is that you buy into the movie even though you know somewhere down the line there is going to be a big twist. Something that pokes fun at your buy-in so far. Something that Sujoy Ghosh did with Kahaani.

I couldn’t quite understand what causes a rush in this sequel, but the sense of urgency is there from the word go. Vidya or Bidya as called by the neighborhood is always in a hurry – doing household chores, tending to her handicapped daughter, calling her child’s nurse, knocking at the neighbor’s door for help, rushing to catch the local train, buying things from a shop with a gesture while talking on the phone. Almost everyone knows her in the neighborhood. It’s a sleepy town. Even the local police station staff haven’t come to the terms that there’s something called a ledger to record evidence in a case. What can go wrong in this everyday place in small town India? Everything…

Kahaani 2 is a Vidya Balan show through and through. And the camera beautifully captures her inner thoughts. It’s frantic. At one place, it even panics, syncing with the rhythm of a panicked parent.

The music by Clinton Cerejo takes the movie several notches higher. Even where you think the pace is going to slacken, the music creates a rush and the result is that you are routing for the Vidya. You feel the rush. You feel the anxieties. You feel vulnerable. You are smiling with the payoff at the end, albeit a little farfetched.

Kahaani touches upon a few social issues involving children and it is woven into the narrative with panache.

Vidya is Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and clarity for Indians. Vidya Sinha is, for the most part, this avatar in the movie.

Durga is the invincible goddess. Durga Rani Singh is that when push comes to shove in Kahaani 2, especially where a child is involved.

Watch the movie for decent thrills and frills in equal measure.


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