Kali: Fury Road


Image courtesy: Kali stills

Rage as an emotion…

Rage hampering relationships…

Rage rubbing people of the dangerous kind the wrong way…

Rage is an emotion that gets the worst out of us on occasions. But what if it gets the worst out of us all the time? And what happens when the spouse has to bear the brunt of all that rage that comes out even if we don’t intend to?

That’s exactly what Sameer Thahir’s Kali is trying to portray.

Kali takes off on a starless night to a distant destination. The couple involved aren’t talking, but the bond is very apparent. And then an extremely effective flashback tells us why they are going to this destination.

The colors of the night are used extremely well in this film. In some of the sequences you can’t help but hold on to your seat. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the characters that lurk in the darkness. It’s a heady concoction of characters, mood and situations.

Sameer Thahir is not someone who tells his stories in black and white. He knows that there are shades of grey in each of us and that’s what he brings to the table be it Kali or his debut Chappa Kurisu. The characters and their arcs have a very natural progression and the story doesn’t have anything spectacular in the way of heroism or badassery.

Dulquer portrays a very angry young man and Sai Pallavi is extremely good as Anjali, the spouse. Chemban Vinod Jose is an amazing actor and he literally runs with the role as Chakkara!

Kali is a nail-biting ride in the middle of the night where you get into situations that you don’t want to encounter on any commute. And therein lies the thrill.


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