The Revenant – Man Vs The Wild

The Revenant 2 


There’s blood curdling violence and bone crushing man-to-man combat scenes.


There’re Native Indians and the frontiersmen. There are good frontiersmen and the bad ones. And the abominable ones.

This is such a story set in the early 19th century about a frontiersman in newly pioneered territories furthering their fur trade, presently in North and South Dakota.

Loosely based on Michael Punke’s novel of the same name, the director and writer make it a gory tale of survival and revenge. Dicaprio’s character has a Pawnee wife belonging to a Native Indian tribe. Glass’ life is full of tragedies and the backstory brings a lot of depth and to some extend justifies his decision to go all out on revenge. The survival scenes are reminiscent of Man Vs The Wild. The cinematography is topnotch with a lot of scenes that just shows montages of the snowy landscape. Perhaps that’s the directors way of just adding some calm to the violent proceedings.

The problem with the movie isn’t that. There’s every reason to believe that this is a Dicaprio vehicle to ensure Oscars. The way it’s treated, the emphasis on the character, the press news about his transformation for the movie, etc.

Alejandro Innaritu is a great artist. And his movies are quite different from summer blockbusters. But it would do the movie-going public a world of good if the creators just concentrated on the film without baiting or aiming for awards. Just like George Miller did with Mad Max. It had all the ingredients of a Fast and Furious on testosterone and the artistic values were quietly in place too.

And sometimes, we forget the stellar star cast too in these Best-Actor-Award-Bait kind of movies. Tom Hardy does a marvelous job in revenant. And apart from a Critics Choice award, there’s nothing to write home about.

Maybe this is just a rant. Might as well be…


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