Thani Oruvan – The Lone Vigilante

Thani-Oruvan 2

It is a gargantuan task to satisfy the critics and the masses alike and director Mohan Raja does the impossible here.

Armed with a great backstory for the antagonist, Thani Oruvan is as pulpy as it can get. It follows the classic journey of the hero and the writing adds a lot of teeth to the finer details. The visuals and the scope are larger than life with chases and action scenes galore. But the restraint with the payoff and the climax are handled here need to be applauded here. Kudos to the director and the writer duo Subha.

Aravind Swamy, after a long hiatus, shines in his role of the super villain. We haven’t seen a villain like this in a really long time. It wouldn’t be wrong to put him in the league of a Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes novels and stories. Generic drugs Vs big pharma companies is an overarching theme here and the greed of these companies.

Jayam Ravi, Nayantara, Ganesh Ventakataraman and the rest of the cast is wonderful and most of the guys get more than a few dialogues and being the hero’s friend.

This could be the beginning of the age of white-collar villains and what better way to get a kick start it than with a suave Aravind Swamy!


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