A genial man with no airs.


I have only known Rajesh Pillai through media interactions and interviews he has given on a couple of channels after the success of Traffic. He had a very feeble voice for a heavy set man, but when he started talking, you would listen in apt attention. Because he sounded genuine and true to his craft.

In most of the interviews, he talked about the time between the failure of ‘Hrudhayathil Sookshikkan’ and the success of ‘Traffic.’ He was very grounded and in response to one of the questions, he answered that the experiences teach you to not let the failure go to your heart or the success go to your head.

In an interview during the making of ‘Mili,’ he pointed out that the best feeling is when two young people sat across a coffee table in some strange country, speaking in a strange tongue about his body of work or one of his films.

So long, Rajesh Pillai. You will always remain one of the disrupters in Malayalam cinema. The way stories are narrated, the themes, the moments and bringing the best out of some of the famous and lesser known actors. And you did all this with one film. Certainly, there will be strangers and your own people, the Malayalees will talk about you for a long long time to come. We will always cherish your legacy.

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