Bond with the vest!

The tentacles of Spectre spreads to Bangalore.

Yes, the latest Bond movie is finally here.

I wasn’t always a James Bond fan. But then, with Daniel Craig playing Bond and Casino Royale being a great movie, I began to kind of shift my loyalties a tad bit towards Bond over a period of time.  Speaking of loyalties, I was never drawn towards the action genre in particular though thrillers were of huge interest to me. Two of the films that really entertained me in the action genre recently were Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mad Max: Fury Road. While the former falls into the ambit of action and spy genre, the latter is an out-and-out action movie.

And these are the movies James Bond is pitted against when we compare ‘em movies of this scale and theme. There lies the problem too. How can you take a really old character and give the movie you make the right dose of action and emotion?

Guess the studio bigwigs would have tried to do just that. But with all due respect, the film is rather underwhelming. Or maybe it is the burden of expectation.

Daniel Craig. Christoph Waltz. Andrew Scott. Monica Bellucci. Ralph Fiennes. Naomie Harris. And THE Sam Mendes. Of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road fame. It was a salivating prospect for the movie buff.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe it is the burden of expectation that weighed it down.

Maybe it is the standard set by Kingsman and assorted other high-octane actioners.

Maybe Daniel Craig wanted to end it on a high note and they overdid it.

What I liked though were some action set pieces and referencing other movies like Skyfall and Casino Royale to give the story continuity. These movies have been integrated into Spectre in a rather interesting manner.

This time around, the gadgets were less. The Aston Martin DB10 was cool though. The Omega watch was nice.

Bond looked leaner and meaner in his slim suit. The ladies were stylish. Lea Seydoux was spunky and sexy. Monica Bellucci gave the Bond girl a different perspective this time around. Naomie Harris did a nice job of playing Moneypenny.

I guess the actors were all fine, but there was something missing.

Because I guess,

With Christoph Waltz, you expect a Hans Landa.

With Andrew Scott, you expect a Moriarty.

With Ralph Fiennes, you expect a Lord Voldermort.

And with Sam Mendes, you always expect an American Beauty or Revolutionary Road.

Therein lies the problem.

Anyways, it’s not a bad movie to watch on a rainy weekend. Just that the sheer talent at the movie’s disposal were underutilized. Or it could be that the actors overshadowed the storyline and screenplay.

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