Virender Sehwag – The Thrill Is Gone!

A man crosses the boundary line into the field and saunters to the middle. A baisan ka ladoo here or a curry with considerable amount of butter there would have qualified the man to be having a paunch. The trademark bandana did a good job of hiding his balding pate. And he always smiles. The smile of a man who keeps it simple.

He plays and misses quite a few.

He is getting beaten on the off.

He is not handling the short stuff well.

The pitch is two paced.

And Brett Lee is close to his best, bowling at 145 plus.

What does the man do?

A fine cover drive as good as any.

A flick off the pads, guiding the ball to fine leg boundary. The ball seldom stops caressing the grass on the entire journey.

Stuark Clark is furious, but he doesn’t show it.

And then Brad Hogg is hoicked into the stands between mid-on and long-on.

The Adelaide crowd takes notice.

Matthew Hayden is upset. Ricky Ponting almost comes close to wringing his hands.

And at the end of the cold start and ensuing mayhem, there were 151 runs against the name of Virender Sehwag.

The match was not won. It wasn’t lost either.

Ponting had swagger.

Clarke’s feet were like a ballerina’s at his best.

Gilchrist caused mayhem.

Bell plays cricket by the book.

Cook is less on style and more on the runs.

Sanga has flair.

Jayawardene was smooth.

Inzy was awesome.

Root is shaping up to be a fine player.

Kallis had steady hands and even a steadier head.

Ganguly was the god on the offside.

Sachin was master class.

Dravid was pure class.

VVS was very very special indeed.

AB is out of this world.

But you can’t have a Sehwag again.

Thanks for the entertainment and the heart-in-the-mouth moments.

Nobody will ever play the game like him again!

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