Ennu Ninte Moideen – Romancing the 60s

I threw caution to wind and went ahead with watching Ennu Ninte Moideen. More than one reason apprehension gave way to pleasant surprise. Because as an artistic expression and a commercial film, Malayalam cinema can be proud of being witness to one of the epic movies of not this decade but maybe a couple of decades.

I was of the opinion that Moideen didn’t stand a chance amidst the so-called new-generation movies, multi-linear narrations and whatnots.

Moideen is a fairly old school narration made with a lot of love and care. We could see that in the arc of each character. 1960s have been captured beautifully without much ado. It’s very organic and takes you back in time without much of costume drama kind of histrionics.

Guess doing away with melodrama and oversensationalizing the incidents is a huge plus for the movie. It’s a given that Prithviraj has put his heart and soul into this movie and the result is for all to see. Having said that, there are equal if not great roles for majority of the cast. Parvathi Menon plays Kanchanamala to perfection. There’s nothing more to say about this wonderful actress who is a proven performer in movies like City of God, Maryaan, and Poo, which fetched her the Tamil Nadu State Award. But what was really surprising was the performance of two young actors – Tovino Thomas and Bala (of Big B fame). I hope Bala get a lot more roles. Tovino is already there.

What really makes this true story spanning decades epic is the role of fate plays in people’s lives. It’s an age-old concept – love transcends everything. The way the story has been told definitely deserves a lot of kudos for the director and the entire team behind this wonderful movie. R.S. Vimal holds a lot of promise as a director. I don’t want to say this at the cost of sounding to jumpy, but he’s in a league of his own. The tonality, the subtlety of emotions, the kind of language used and other technical details like art, photography, costumes, etc., are top notch. Even at those heavy plot points, the movie doesn’t get melodramatic. The narration is matter of fact and sticks to a very realistic tone. Yet the movie is emotionally engaging.

Truly a movie mallus can talk about for generations to come!


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