“Baahubali”… A triumph of imagination

Haven’t seen Baahubali yet, but here is the review of the movie by National award-winning critic, Bharadwaj Rangan. Seems like the movie doesn’t let the audience or critics down.

Baradwaj Rangan

Spoilers ahead…

At the beginning of Baahubali – The Beginning, we’re shown the lay of the land. This kingdom lies here, that one there. It’s nothing new as an idea – we saw this in Lagaan, for instance. But look what the director, SS Rajamouli, does. He renders the map in three dimensions and follows it all the way to a waterfall, which morphs into an actual waterfall – there’s always a little tweak, a little twist. We see the Ramya Krishnan character (she’s good, but can’t anyone think of anything she can play other than The Glowering Woman) running towards us clutching an infant – but as she moves past us, we see the arrow sticking out of her back. We see Palvaalthevan (Rana Daggubati) preparing for a fight with a bison-like animal – but it’s only when man and beast are in the same frame…

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