Ashes 2015 | Is Cook finally shedding his altar boy image?

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England captain and opener, Alastair Cook has been accused of many things. And this includes being a not-so-aggressive captain. But then England have won the Ashes under the conservative leadership of Andrew Strauss.

The other thing that places him at the receiving end of media scrutiny and ridicule is his style of batting. It is devoid of any style. He is a grafter period. Just assume there is plain oatmeal for breakfast. Then Alastair Cook’s batting style is the oatmeal without milk and sugar.

I have always thought if ever there was a patron saint for grafters, then Cook would be just the man. Simon Katich, Ashwell Prince and Gary Kirsten would be shoo-ins as far as his assistants are concerned. But the role of the superior force guiding them all would undoubtedly go to none other than Shivnarain Chanderpaul! Who else?

Of late, the media and the cruel social media trolls have been passing tasteless comments on his eyebrows. But heck, Cook is doing great guiding a resurgent England after the recently concluded New Zealand ODI series. Agreed ODI and Tests are two different things but can’t help being excited about the new England prospects Lyth, Stokes, Ali, Ballance, Buttler and Wood. Joe Root has already established himself as a reliable middle-order batsmen. So the future looks exciting. Guess ECB is shedding the image of the boring 60-plus gent in a grey double-breasted suit and tie. The new England looks like somebody who’s got a lot of swag!!!

Don’t forget that Alastair Cook almost single-handedly won a test series against India in India. And that’s pretty awesome for someone with eyebrows that make joint statements! 😉


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