Inside Out | The voices inside your head.


“The patient claims that she hears voices inside her head ordering her to run away from home!”

Were we to see a transcribed report of somebody who has been on the couch, the shrink probably would have opined something to the effect. Especially if the patient is a troubled teen trying to cope with a mixed bag of emotions working overtime.

So are those little people inside our head for real? Are they responsible for all the emotions we feel? Things like anger, fear, disgust, despair, hopefulness, sadness or joy. Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is a beautifully told story about the matters of the mind with emotions getting more screen time than the subconscious mind or other psychoanalysis jargons we have come to associate with Sigmund Freud or Karl Jung.

Coming from the director of Monsters, Inc. and Up, we sort of expect the best from Pete Docter. He doesn’t disappoint. The concept and the characters are amazing. It’s like you hang out for 2 hours and learn those complex things about the human mind without pouring over dog-eared hard-bound editions of books the above-mentioned gentlemen had authored.

The best thing about the movie is the depiction of abstract ideas like memories, train of thought, subconscious mind, imaginary characters that children often believe in in the early years of their life. What takes the cake is the visualization of dreams. That there is a production house inside our heads called ‘Dream Productions’ with a studio floor abuzz with scriptwriters, directors, assistants, technicians and actors had all the audience in splits. The best scene was the rainbow unicorn trying to memorize the script before the show!!! 🙂

I realized after the movie that a lot of my favourite comedians had done voice acting for the movie. Amy Poehler is the emotion Joy, the protagonist of the story. Giving her company is her colleague from Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader who plays the emotion Fear. Mindy Kaling does justice to her role as Disgust and has some really good comic lines. Diane Lane is another familiar actress who rocked her role as Riley’s mother. Oh no, I didn’t say anything about Riley yet. The movie is all about the emotions that inhabit a teenage girl called Riley. The subtext in the movie is about how memories good and bad influence a person’s attitude and behavior towards relationships and most importantly the general outlook towards life.

This is one animation movie you can’t afford to miss. Soon than later, the voices inside your head will start talking and order you to go a theater near you and catch a show! 🙂

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