Laughter the Best Medicine-Cross Post


LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE:  New Definitions in Alphabetical Order

Budget:  A news bulletin in which you come to know that the prices of polyester lungis, printer cartridges, transistor radios, and high-end cars above 30 lakhs, all used on a daily basis, are going down whereas prices of rarely used items like petrol, vegetables, and food items shoot up like a rocket.

Bollywood Thriller:  A 3-hour MTV style music video in which you see tight close-ups of the lean mean hero with skillfully manicured beard and skimpily clad women who must have wandered into frames which the director forgot to edit.

Cricket:  That momentary long-range shot of grass and the stadia you get between ZooZoos and a visibly shaken SRK entertaining a grandma on a skateboard.

DVD:  That storage device which gave many a film makers in India a great career.

Fabric:  Cloth used by a spokesperson, articulate or otherwise, to condemn an act.  E.g., “This attack is aimed at tearing down the very fabric of our society!”

Hollywood Thriller:   A 116-minute conversation between a guy, who is eating something in almost all the scenes and another guy who is looking for his ex-wife, who is now the girlfriend of yet another guy.

Twitter:   A little birdie which proved to be the doing and undoing of a high profile person.

Xerox Machine:  A portable machine used by Indian music directors to convert inspiration into Bollywood Music.


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