My Heart Is The Place Where He Will Always Be

There was never a false move on his part which would give the game away.

He would never show that he was happy whenever he met me, but I knew that deep in his heart he was happy.

He would ask for me to sit with him to have a marathon talk which would go on for hours.

He was honest and spoke his mind all the time.  He had strong likes and dislikes and always stuck to his guns.

Expressing love was never his forte.  His heart was like a safe-deposit locker in which he kept all that love.  And that was the game I was talking about initially, the game of keeping all that love inside and never a false move in that regard!

It still can’t believe that he is gone, and he has been gone for a good 6 months.  Sometimes my mind does unapproved time travel and takes me through those years between 1990 and 1994 when I was with him.  Hectic work schedule interrupts this time travel which kind of shuttles me between the past and the present all the time.  In that past, he was much younger, energetic, and brave in the face of any storm.  This is how I want him to live in my memories for the rest of my life for he was the Dad I had grown accustomed to.

If there is a little bit of honesty in me, it is because of him.

If there is a little bit of integrity in me, it is because of him.

He never drilled those values into our heads, but his life was there for all of us children to see.

He made me what I am today.  He is egging me on this very moment to be the best in whatever I do.


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