The Botched Plan B

Namaskaaram and Hi!

About Me.

I am just a new kid on the blog who is 5 to 6 years too late in blogdom.  So when I thought of a name for the blog, most of those smart names likes ‘Textual Undertones’ or ‘Chock-a-Blog’ had already been taken up by great bloggers; Plan A and Plan B didn’t work out.  Here I am with a weird name like Botched Plan B!

R. K Narayan is one of my favorite authors and I have always been fascinated by the celluloid.  It is sheer magic!  Well, that must have said a little about the kind of things I like.  To know more, read the blog for god’s sake…please:-) (guess this is the right pitch!).

About the Blog.

It could be about something straight out of life (what the ‘realistic’ film makers call slice-of-life stuff).

It could be about books.

It could be about movies.

It could be about travel.

Sometimes it could also be just a ‘Note to Myself.’

I know it is yawn time there…hang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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